Saturday, October 27, 2012

# Graduasi MRSM Kepala Batas 2012

                                = Graduates ! =

Assalamualaikum.. !

      Hey there readers ! Herm , baru nk update pasal grad day f3 n f5 last wednesday.. Well , kinda busy these raya day .. #salam.aidiladha..#

     On that very day , me the greedy one , took two works in one day ! HAHA , luckily one on the morning and another one on the evening.. Great ! I love to do those jobs .. Felt better cause didn't have to sit alone and do things alone.. Right ?

     Starting that morning , I went down from hostel at 0715.. And then got punished by LDP's ..  30 starjumps ! What a great start on a great day ! Then at 0800 went to the DS and started to work.. as the "Helpers Makanan" .. Quite tough.. and I felt like I'm the one who's doing so many things.. #the.truth.# HAHA , yer la ... Aku paling laju buad keje.. Naseb arr.. :P

    Finished workin' in the DS by 1045 something .. Then have a rest with a lil drinks bought at the PRS's kiosk..  Here's a pic snapped by Pajel .. *Fadhillah ~ HAHA , tepi longkang pon boleyhhh..

       At 1100 hours , get my feet up , get to the Science Social Department.. Take a rest while waiting for Ustazah Rodziana .. A lil chit-chat with Ustad Mursyid #wink2..:P# .... and when she came , the six of us which were Wanie , Iffah , Yasmin , Izzati , Maryam and Me xD .. started to pick up the boxes filled with goodie bags for the parents of F5 students.. The Mohon Restu Ceremony which begins after Zohor prayer.. The six of us actually were AJK Sambutan , suddenly got to do those transportation stuff , HAHA ..

       Those boxes were HEAVY.. Damn heavy la.. But luckily I'm the tough one .. HAHA , not bluffing but thats the truth .. YEAH ! A great day accompanied by Norhazwani Hilmi , the "stalker" .. HAHA , we're quite noisy while handling our jobs.. But , thats what makes us cheerful :) .. HAHA , no more bord and lazy eyes ..

      At the end , the ceremony ended by 1530 something la.. Well , a very exhausting day .. And then , we ( me & wanie ) took a walk around the Academic Block.. Then stopped at our class to take some books.. Revision time babe.. Exam's commin' ! Then , I went back to the hostel and took a very deep sleep and woke up at 1700 hours sharp.. DAMN ! Still didn't finish packing my stuffs yet..

      HAHA , luckily my bro came a lil bit late , and I just need to continue packing lil bit more.. Then , head back home lah.. Ape lagi.. YEahhh.. :P

= Home Sweet Home =

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

# Finished? Not yet la..



    Sakit jiwa btoi .. Astaghfirullahhh.. Hukhuuk.. FAILED syafawi.. Truly bad news told by Ustad Anuar.. DaNgg.. Tapi naseb baik ade peluang lagi mlm nie.. Insyaallah I'll try my very best .. Awal juz and awal surah.. Just need to freshen up a lil bit.. InsyaALLAH.. If allah wills.. anything can happen rite ?

     Still nervous bout upcommin' final sem exam.. But , very surprised with my result for the recently standardized semester 2 exam ! I passed my own target.. !!! Guesss what ? I got 3.92 for PNG and 1.22 for GPA.. I got the 14th place in my batch.. The first place in class and also Homeroom ! Alhamdulillah.. I'm very glad for that.. Just scared bout my result for this final sem 2 exam ! !! 

     Dear friends and readerrs.. Please.. Do pray for my seccess ! It's the truth that I'll pray for you all my readers :) .. Huhu.. So damn scared !! <sigh> sigh>

Finally , wish my luck ! :D <3

:D kayCee (:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

# Eyes

Assalamualaikum and a very lovely evenin'..

                 What a beauty aight?

     You kno' what eyes are? Those are one of the best gift from Allah :) .. Alhamdulillah .. Still have a nice sight eventhough short-sighted.. HAHA .. I'm wearin' spectacles :) .. Not so bad la.. I'm still cute in those what.. HAHA .. Enough laughing.. Back to da topic..
        So Beautiful Aren't They ? :D

     Eyes.. Yea eyes.. People each have different type of eyes.. Some have brown shiny eyes like Mr. Zahiruddin , my ustaz.. *Ek? European he said. AHA ,sorrey ustad ! *
 Some have blue , green and so are.. Some have big , small.. And no doubt , they are all georgeous.. Thanks to Allah..

    And with those beatifully created eyes.. Beware and take good care of 'em.. They're so damn valueable kay.. *Seriously gotta go but still wanna finish this...* Starting with eyes , then those sight goes down to heart .. A phrase translated from malay to english actually.. HAHA , Well , that's what really happen now.. People see through their unique ly eyes.. But then forgot to see through their hearts.. Only our hearts kno' how to differentiate glass and pearls..

     Use both eyes and hearts to see what you're really seeing.. Please.. Herm.. Don't just trust your eyes.. Think before doing it.. Eyes can sometimes be wrong.. But HEART .. Never lies..  I'm sayin' the truth okay.. HAHA , I'm laughing cause there will be someone thought that I'm nuts posting an entry 'bout EYES.. And HEARTs.. Well.. Whatever.. I don't even care what people will say , mind your own business will you please? HAHA...

        By the way , there's a phrase a senior once wrote in her blog .. " Ambil tahu tentang sesuatu tapi jangan tersilap terlebih ambil berat pasal sesuatu, nanti kita yg susah.. -_-)'' " It means.. Do kno' what happen around you but just as an info , don't make a mistake by too concerned about something , it might turn something bad towards you.. It's not wrong but it's also okay to take safety percautions right? HAHA ..

          Maybe that's all for today.. Gotta go pack up my stuffs.. Going back to my hostel .. Gotta study for this commin' exam.. FINAL.. Semester 2.. Lil bit scared.. Pray for my success.. Thanks , cause I'll always pray for my readers' success in this world and the hereafter..

       With lots of LOVE ~