Tuesday, October 23, 2012

# Finished? Not yet la..



    Sakit jiwa btoi .. Astaghfirullahhh.. Hukhuuk.. FAILED syafawi.. Truly bad news told by Ustad Anuar.. DaNgg.. Tapi naseb baik ade peluang lagi mlm nie.. Insyaallah I'll try my very best .. Awal juz and awal surah.. Just need to freshen up a lil bit.. InsyaALLAH.. If allah wills.. anything can happen rite ?

     Still nervous bout upcommin' final sem exam.. But , very surprised with my result for the recently standardized semester 2 exam ! I passed my own target.. !!! Guesss what ? I got 3.92 for PNG and 1.22 for GPA.. I got the 14th place in my batch.. The first place in class and also Homeroom ! Alhamdulillah.. I'm very glad for that.. Just scared bout my result for this final sem 2 exam ! !! 

     Dear friends and readerrs.. Please.. Do pray for my seccess ! It's the truth that I'll pray for you all my readers :) .. Huhu.. So damn scared !! <sigh> sigh>

Finally , wish my luck ! :D <3

:D kayCee (:


Kata2 hikmat dari anda???