Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#13th August::I was born

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah :D

       Errmm, well. Yesterday, was the day. 13th August. Yes it was, hew hew. I was born on that date, at 7:42 morning.. Yep, a morning baby was born. HAHA.. Whatever it is, I'm very sensitive when it came to birthdays.. Well, that's me :') A glance of look, may make you feel unexpected of this. Muahaha.

       Sure, I'm waiting for this date, from years to years. Each of them, have a very different story.. Missed all of it.. It's as something that reminds me of me. Yeah me of course. Who else? Lewls, and yes. I will wait for people to wish me on that date.

       Why? I don't know why, it just happened. HAHA, well it makes me feel appreciated. It makes me feel that people realize my existance. Because sometime, I do have feelings that people never realised that I was there, or I was talking, or I was doing anything that people would care. HAHA, silly me.

        Of course, no presents. Just a simple wish will make my day :') Last year a got a present.. Thanks to him, HAHA. Sure, I would dream that I'm gonna get so many presents, so many wishess, but hey, some dreams don't come true. HAHA, they stay as dreams until the right time comes. And that time?? Only HE knows.

        On every birthday, I would shed some tears. Some. Why? Well, when my birthday comes, I would wait for some special person in my live to wish my birthday.. Most of them were family and friends, and some teachers.. Just because of that some person didn't wish for my birthday, I would cry on my own, feeling frustrated and unappreciated. 

         Silly me. Again. A bit immature for a 15 years old girl would cry about this silly things. Aiyte? But it happens. What to do.. I'm a lil bit fragile sometimes. HAHA, when the time comes, I am very very fragile. Wow, it's 2 o'clock in the mornin' already.. Late nites..

        This year I experience a small celebration.. Thanks to ALLAH.. Rezeki tahun ni :) Hew hew.. Sambut kecil-kecilan.. Kebetulan family Kak Yong and Abg Marzli datang beraya :') Hew hew.. So, makan-2 dengan kek yang Along beli.. :D Besaq weiii , xlarat nak prabeih.. Huuhuhuhu.. After they went back, started to eat the cake. I couldn't even finish a slice. Hew hew. :D        

          That's all maybe for tonight.. This year, a friend sang for me.. Thanks Intan Nor Athirah :') Hewhew. This year, I got a mega best friend wished me as the last person.. :'D .. And I got wishes from peoples' I never expect.. And no wishes from a person who promised to wish. Sabar je lah.. Dy sibuk kot? :') Sokayy, I love 13 <3 Happy 15th Birthday My Dearest Self ! <3

My birthday cake :)

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