Saturday, July 4, 2015


           Hey. Know this. I am living here in this world, dah almost 17 years. And I've wasted so much time. Putting hopes on so many persons that I shouldn't have. Giving hopes that I shouldn't do. I need a new life. I need a companion not just here, but 'till there, hereafter. I need to be better person, so that I can be the best person my future would have. I need supports and motivations. I am weak and fragile. My life ain't all waltz but still a bed of roses. Hell yeah, with its thorns together. I existed, for a reason. But still, I can't see em crystal clear, yet. Can someone be my wonderwall and, help me face my fear? I feel so left out there, and I feel belong here. What can I do to stop these tears? I'm sick hearing judges from bullsh*ts who doesn't even know me, who hates me for who I am. Dammit, that's not even a place to live. I can only exist. Love me or hate me that's who I am, and I'll still make a move on but yeah I'm strugglin' hard. Dear God, you made it possible, when facing obstacles, please let me do good before I passed on in a hospital, and always reciting the testimony of faith, lead me out of the complication in this life's maze.

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